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What is Better Local Care doing?

  • Improving access to care: So it’s easier for people to get a same-day or urgent appointment at their GP surgery, and so people with complex health problems get more input from their GP.

  • Joining up the professionals that support the same people: So doctors, nurses, social and voluntary sector workers and volunteers are part of the same extended team, making care more straightforward (especially for people with complex needs).

  • Bringing specialist care nearer to you: So you can see the professional you need, sooner: For example physiotherapists and mental health workers in your local GP surgery.

  • Concentrating on prevention: So we can support you earlier, and help you make the right choices about your health and wellbeing, so you can stay independent and don’t need to go to hospital.
If we succeed people will have better access to local health and care services, at the right time and place. People will be more in control of their own health. In short, people will get better local care.

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