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Better Local Care Manual 

The aim of Better Local Care in Hampshire is to establish a new model of care in which clinicians and other care professionals want to work, and that local people want to use – a model that results in Better Local Care.  

Working together with local people, we will redesign the way the system works to meet their needs as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

We have produced a manual to assist new localities wanting to develop a local Multi-Specialty Community Provider programme and begin to introduce the new model of care to their area. 

This manual is designed for GPs, care professionals and managers in Hampshire who are working together, with local people, to introduce a new way of delivering care as part of the Hampshire Vanguard Multi-Specialty Community Provider (MCP) programme.  

The manual describes:

  • Where to start – beginning local work to introduce the new model of care.
  • The components of the model of care being implemented as part of the vanguard programme.
  • The suggested steps to implement the new model, and useful case studies.

The Value Proposition

If you would like even more detail about the Better Local Care vanguard, you can read the Value Proposition. This is a thorough, technical document that sets out the case for change and describes how Better Local Care will tackle the challenges ahead for the benefits of local people.

Download the manual

BLC Manual Cover

Please note this manual is the first draft and may be subject to updates.  Newer versions will be posted on this page.  

October 2015 version now available.