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New digital trial at Badgerswood Surgery

Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN is working with Hampshire-based digital innovators xim, and Badgerswood Surgery in Bordon to test a new way of monitoring patients’ vital signs.

The LifeLight® system can check a patient’s vital signs - their pulse, breathing rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level - by simply sitting in front of a computer screen.

LifeLight® does this by using a standard camera on the screen, which detects very small changes in a person’s forehead skin colour, and may help identify unknown health conditions or underlying problems. The whole process is completely contactless, and only takes a minute.

If a potential health issue is spotted, this is reported within 24-hours, allowing health professionals to help the patient and treat and prevent the underlying issue before it develops.

Badgerswood Surgery has agreed to help test LifeLight® and to see how the system will work in a busy GP practice.

If the trial is successful, the system will help save valuable GP appointment time, but most importantly, help diagnose patients sooner – before a condition fully develops – allowing the NHS to prevent and treat patients faster, keep them well, and potentially out of hospital.

Rachel Dominey, the project lead for the AHSN, said: “We are pleased to be partnering innovators with primary care professionals for this pioneering work, with the hope that many will benefit from cutting-edge innovations, in a setting which is so familiar to many patients.

“It’s great news that Dr Leung and his surgery colleagues have agreed to pilot this work, which could have excellent benefits not just for Badgerswood patients, but others across Hampshire and beyond.”

Dr Anthony Leung, GP partner at Badgerswood, said: “We’ll be very interested to see the outcomes of this trial, and if it helps our patients. This system could save me critical minutes in a consultation. I can also see a point when this is made available in the waiting room for patients to self-monitor."

Laurence Pearce, CEO and founder of xim, said: “As a forward-thinking practice, Badgerswood Surgery is an ideal partner to trial our revolutionary technology. The support received from Wessex AHSN is ensuring that once proven, innovations like ours will be able to benefit patients and GP surgeries across the whole Wessex region.”

During the trial, a patient’s GP will also record their vital signs in the traditional ways. This will make sure the new system is accurately reading patients’ vitals.

All patients’ personal data is anonymous, protected and safe.