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Exciting opportunities for GPs in Gosport

We are looking for talented and highly motivated GPs who are interested in joining a new primary care model which is developing in Gosport. 
GP talking to a patient

A different/new way of working

Do you want to be part of an exciting new health care system that places patient outcomes at the very heart of its decision-making? If so, come and work in Gosport where we are busy transforming the way healthcare is being delivered to our patients by looking at new ways of working. As part of the national Vanguard Project, we have effectively united the 11 Practices in the Gosport peninsula with a will to work collaboratively with local authority, provider services, volunteer organisations, patients and commissioners to create a value-driven service that works for everyone. 

Building on this success, we are now looking to recruit forward-thinking GPs who are keen to work with us to develop a twenty first century General Practice that will offer a new approach for our patients and make better use of the whole practice team and wider resources in the community. We are creating an "out of hospital team" that can deliver care in a truly different way, where clinical teams are developed across organisations to focus directly on patient outcomes.  This is a great time to get involved to help shape a new way of working, which is designed to be flexible to the needs of both staff and patients.  We can offer opportunities for term-time only, part-time, evening and weekend working. 

The benefits

We are in the process of developing an employment model that will offer you:

  • Greater flexibility in the way that you work;
  • A reasonable rate of pay that will enable you to focus fully on providing outcomes for the population;
  • Financial and time incentives linked to population based outcomes;
  • Self improvement opportunities; and
  • None of the financial commitments encountered in traditional Partnership models [i.e. buying into buildings, taking on leases or investing in the capital of the business.]
We want to hear from you

Interested to find out more? 

Call Kerry Cooper for an informal chat 07879 432691 or email kerry.cooper@southernhealth.nhs.uk

Express your interest 

If you would like to get more information about working with us or express your interest in getting involved, please fill in the form below or contact Kerry via the details above.

Expression of interest
Dr Stuart Morgan
Dr Stuart Morgan describes the opportunities this brings for GPs in Gosport 

The future for GPs working in Gosport is an attractive one for both newly-qualified and more experienced GPs.  The MCP (Multispeciality Community Provider) model is already established here, and is well-positioned to take on the Population-based contract.    

The MCP offers opportunities for flexible working, career progression, and a wider range of portfolio opportunities than a smaller organisation can.  It provides medical indemnity cover through the NHSLA, removing the uncertainty of unexplained rises in fees, and delivers a solution for those for whom surgery premises ownership is a risk or financially undesirable.    

It recreates the extended primary care team we lost in the 1990s.  Above all, it frees up GPs to concentrate on delivering continuity and quality care to those requiring our unique skills.