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GP Same Day Access Service: Joy's Story

Joy Godbold has been a resident of Gosport for 24 years and uses the GP Same Day Access Service, a pilot project that offers same day appointments for patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Patients can ring their usual GP and will be put through to a phone triage service run by medical professionals who can either give them advice over the phone, or if necessary, book them in for an appointment with the appropriate clinician that same day.

"They ask to actually access your medical records. So once you've given them permission they already know in advance what your medical history is and they've already read through the recent problems you may be having."

The aim of the service is to make it easier for people to receive a same day consultation with the relevant healthcare professional be that a GP, Physiotherapist or Emergency Care Practitioner. By bringing patients who require same day care into one area, we can make better use of clinical resources and expertise.

Joy was very impressed by the instant care she received. "Each time it's been extremely efficient, extremely professional. And every time it's been incredible to actually see a doctor on the same day or have symptoms dealt with on the same day."

By allowing patients to be seen by the correct clinician first time, duplication and waiting times have been reduced for patients and staff, therefore increasing capacity in the long term.

"I would say to anyone who has any qualms about using a GP Same Day Access Service, don't worry because it's worth going to see someone when you're feeling ill that can deal with you immediately.

"They are very efficient, very helpful and they've always got a smile on their face."