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Interview with Dr Donal Collins

Dr Donal Collins, GP Lead for Gosport

Dr Donal Collins

What is so special about Better Local Care?

Getting the whole healthcare economy to at last work as a functioning team, without barriers, which will improve quality of patient care and improve the work experience of healthcare professionals.

Can you give one example of how patients could benefit?

Patients will benefit from getting the right care , early in the patient journey which will reduce the duplication of referral from one speciality to another.

Can you give one example of how GPs/professionals could benefit?

GPs and Professionals will benefit by doing the work that is appropriate to their training, freeing up time to be able to give the maximum benefit to the patient sitting in front of you. The working day will become a safe place once more.

What do you think is the biggest challenge – and how can it be tackled?

The biggest challenge is accepting that change is necessary, and that change will be a good thing for the system as a whole, ending in better patient outcomes, and a safer happier place to work.

What are you most excited about for your locality?

This is a once in a lifetime/career opportunity to build a system which is about caring for the population as a whole, a system which responds to the appropriate health needs of the patient and a proactive preventative model of healthcare will be achieved, which is needed for our population with increasing complex needs.