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New Same Day Access Service for Gosport goes live

Gosport War Memorial Hospital

December 16 2015

A new same-day access service for thousands of GP patients in Gosport has gone live TODAY.

The pilot scheme will help make it easier for people to receive same-day consultations with a GP, nurse or relevant healthcare professional on the day they make contact. It will be run from Gosport War Memorial Hospital, which has been chosen for its central location and to co-locate the service with other NHS community providers.

The service will provide both same day ‘phone triage and face-to-face appointments. Initially, it will just be for patients at the four Gosport practices providing staffing for the initiative.

The four practices are:

  • Waterside Medical Centre, Mumby Road
  • Stoke Road Medical Centre
  • Brune Medical Centre, Rowner Road
  • Forton Medical Centre, Whites Place.

Booking appointments at Gosport’s other seven practices will continue as usual.The scheme does not involve the closure of any GP practices or restrictions to opening hours.

Business will continue as usual for the four practices involved in the pilot, which will be continually monitored and reviewed after six months.

The initiative is in response to ever-increasing demands on primary care services in Gosport at a time when the town has been hit hard by the national problems of GP recruitment which is putting a strain on many family doctors.

It follows a survey earlier this year, in which most of the near 1,400 respondents said they would be prepared to travel a little further to ensure a same-day or routine appointment - even if it meant that they didn’t see someone from their own GP practice.

How it will work 

  • Patients requesting a same day appointment will call their practice as usual.
  • The receptionist will take basic demographic details, appropriate clinical details to facilitate the triage process, and agree for a health professional to call them back.
  • Patients would be called back in order of clinical priority following initial review by the triaging clinician.
  • This will result in a telephone consultation and if required an appointment at GWMH to be seen by a relevant health professional.

Dr Donal Collins, who chairs the Locality Board which includes all 11 Gosport practices, said: “We are genuinely excited by this scheme which offers us a real opportunity to sustain access to our services but to improve them as well.

“A huge amount of work has gone into the planning for this – particularly involving issues relating to the building and staffing – and just the logistics of bringing together so many people from so many GP practices and NHS partner trusts to make it happen.

“But there has been an enormous amount of goodwill and determination to make this succeed and a can-do attitude which has been a real credit to all concerned.

“I would like to thank NHS Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group which has been hugely supportive, as well of course as the GP Alliance and all eleven of the Gosport practices which have been involved along every step of the way.

“Without this change,  there is no doubt that at some stage in the not-too-distant future, with our GP practices stretched and facing GP and nurse recruitment issues, that we would no longer be able to cope with the demands being put on them.

“So I am convinced that the big winner in all this will be our patients.”