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Patients urged to shape future health provision in Gosport

The NHS is appealing to patients with long-term conditions to join a new group which will help shape future health provision in Gosport.

It is looking to recruit a small number of people with conditions such as heart disease or diabetes – or their relatives or carers – to offer insight into their experiences of services as the NHS looks to transform the way care is delivered in the area.

The first meeting will be held on Thursday June 9 from 11am to 1pm at a town centre location.

Dr Donal Collins, the GP leading the transformation project which has already introduced a new same day primary care access service in Gosport, said: “We face many challenges in Gosport, with issues such as GP recruitment, but there are also some very real opportunities to make a real positive difference in terms of the services we offer.

“The new group will be helping to take us to the next stage – but the NHS doesn’t want to move forward without the active participation and involvement of the very people at the heart of our thinking and planning, our patients.

“The Better Local Care initiative, which has sometime been referred to as Vanguard or the Multi-speciality Provider (MCP), is a partnership between the local NHS and care organisations, GPs and the voluntary sector to plan and deliver care.

“We are looking to change the approach from the existing arrangement of the NHS buying services from provider organisations such as GPs and hospitals to giving each MCP area a budget for their local population and a set of outcomes.

“These outcomes may vary from area to area, and could include offering people the support and care they need to live longer – or ensuring that they have access to services to keep them as pain free as possible. 

“We need to determine what these outcomes should be for Gosport, which is why we would like some local people with a keen interest in the NHS, and an experience of health services, to join the group, which will also draw membership from the voluntary and community sector.”

To find out more or get involved, please phone Elizabeth Kerwood on 023 9221 2410 or email elizabeth.kerwood@nhs.net.