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The Willow Group attracts new GP to Gosport

Dr Kathryn Carey-Jones

The Willow Group, based at four different sites in Gosport, has welcomed new GP Dr Kathryn Carey-Jones to its practice. Kathryn’s been attracted by the novel methods being adopted by the NHS in a town where every new GP can make a real impact.

Kathryn is originally from Leeds but has spent many years in the local area and, after taking her degree in Southampton, she’s been keen to return following her Foundation year training at Brune Medical Centre. 

Kathryn says: “As a newly qualified GP, I had a lot of choices of places I could work, but I wanted to return to Gosport and be somewhere that needed my skills, and in an area where I can really make a difference for patients."

"I love a challenge, and the Willow Group is attractive because it covers different sites, and is doing a lot to give patients comprehensive care through new initiatives, such as the Same Day Access Service, Joint Child Clinics and the Acute Home Visiting Service.”

GP access continues to be an issue across the country, with increasing workload pressures a particular concern in Gosport. Lots of work is being done to address this, and NHS England has chosen Fareham and Gosport as a key area of investment under its Vanguard programme, which aims to create more comprehensive, patient-centred care.

Kathryn adds: "We’re already working in new ways and, besides traditional GP appointments, we know a lot of our patients are already seeing the benefit of appointments with our other clinicians, such as pharmacists, healthcare support workers and advanced nurse practitioners. It’s all about seeing the right person at the right time.” 

Dr Kathryn Carey-Jones decided to pursue a medical career after her father had life-saving heart surgery when she was 15. She was keen to make similar differences to families that the medical staff enabled for her. After graduating in medicine, she was pursuing a career in neuro-surgery, but decided to change her path into general practice, inspired by her Foundation 2 year training with Dr Stuart Morgan, GP partner in the Willow Group.

The Willow Group, consisting of Waterside Medical Centre, Forton Medical Centre, Brune Medical Centre and Stoke Road Medical Centre became one organisation in April this year, giving patients access to appointments across all its sites. They are all in partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.