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What we are doing

Extended Primary Care Team

New Complex Care Team has been put in place and support the patients with the most needs, ensuring they will be less likely to require a hospital admission, and more likely to remain independent in their own homes.

Frequent attenders and carers support

Extra support for people attending GP practices frequently, including specially trained volunteer 'surgery signposters' to identify appropriate services and advise on self-care.

Home Visits: The right approach

Effective and consistent clinical triage to make sure all patients requesting  home visits receive the right level of response according to need.

Same day access service

Single point of access, multi-disciplinary, same day appointment service for Gosport.

Improving acute pathways

Building closer working relationships between acute and primary care clinicians to further join up care.

Pharmacy in primary care

Bringing more pharmacy input to general practice and the same day appointment service.

Extra support for nursing homes

Creating a specialist care home team for Gosport practices.