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Totton, Hythe and Waterside

Hythe Hospital

The Totton, Hythe and Waterside practices have a strong history of collaboration with our local communities and between clinicians and organisations involved in the delivery of health and social care services. As a group of long standing collaborative practices we are part of a larger provider network, with the aim of developing and transforming primary care through the provision of increased accessibility to local health and social care in the community

The practices within the Totton, Waterside and Hythe area cover a population of just over 80,000 people.

Initial consultation has prioritised the following areas to be taken forward:

  • Redesigning access to primary care
  • Developing our Integrated Extended Primary Care Teams
  • De-layering specialist support
  • Promoting prevention and self-management

There are six GP practices in the Totton, Hythe and Waterside area taking part in Better Local Care.

  • Forest Gate Surgery
  • Testvale Surgery
  • Totton Health Centre
  • Waterfront and Solent Surgery
  • Red and Green Practice: Hythe and Blackfield
  • Forest Side Medical Practice: Dibden Purlieu and Marchwood

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