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South West New Forest

Better Local Care in the West New Forest incorporates all the practices from Lymington, New Milton, the Avon Valley and the West New Forest, along with the Community Care Teams and a community hospital in Lymington, as shown below.

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BLC chart revised

The West New Forest has a population of 109,000, served by 11 practices. All the practices are actively involved in GP training, and some are also involved with undergraduate nurse training and the teaching of medical students.

Lymington New Forest Hospital moved into a newly built facility in 2007 and offers medical in-patients, medical assessment unit, elective surgery, out patients, a wide range of diagnostics (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scan) and a minor injury unit. The community care teams from Southern Health largely work within three localities, Lymington Integrated Care Team (ICT), New Milton ICT and Avon Valley ICT.

In the West New Forest 31% of the population are aged 65 or over (nationally 17.1%) and 5.1% of the population are aged 85 or more (nationally 2.3%).  This has a significant impact on the demand for health and social care.  Older people are more likely to have a long-term condition (LTC) or multiple long-term conditions and people aged 65 or more make up over 60% of all hospital admissions.

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