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Carousel Clinics - Yvonne Parker-Smith's story

Five years ago Yvonne became unwell and took a long time to recover.  Her respiratory system wasn’t working effectively and was told she could potentially have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is the name of a group of lung conditions.

Yvonne was invited to Badgerswood Surgery in Borden where she had an unconventional delivery of care called a carousel clinic which was taking specialist health services and bringing them closer to patients. This enables patients to see several health professionals on the same day rather than making separate appointments. This makes things a lot easier for patients as they won’t have to make additional trips to the hospital which often isn’t as local as their GP surgery.

During Yvonne’s appointment she underwent various tests for her breathing, learnt how to use an inhaler properly, how to deal with shortness of breath etc. Due to the efficiency of this appointment the health professionals concluded that she didn’t have COPD. Yvonne said, “This would never have happened if I didn’t have the intensive, specialist care and investigation.”

Yvonne was also impressed with the quality of care she received and added, “Everybody was delightful and you had one to one attention.” This made her feel that the health professionals were devoted to her care. She went on to say, “A team coming from an acute hospital to an actual surgery is a fantastic idea; otherwise people will be making five or six visits.” The Carousel Clinic understands the inconvenience for patients having to attend numerous appointments and therefore having their needs met locally makes life a lot easier for them.

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