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Community Development project in conjunction with Action Hampshire begins in Mid Hampshire

A big part of Better Local Care is working with patients and local communities to better understand their needs and to help people access the range of community support already available in their area. Action Hampshire represent thousands of charities and community groups in the county and have been commissioned by Better Local Care to carry out in-depth interviews and research to get a better understanding of patients’ experiences and perceptions of their healthcare.

There are three main strands to this project:

  • The patient journey: Collecting individual and local case studies for the Mid-Hampshire area to enable partnerships to understand peoples’ experiences of health interventions and what could have improved them. This will focus on two main groups of people – elderly people with multiple health conditions who receive support from the Older Person’s Mental Health Team and complex, frail elderly people with a minimum of three health conditions.
  • Community Support Solutions: A research based project working with the voluntary and community sector, as well as local health bodies, to understand the real and perceived barriers preventing clinical access to community services. This project will look at how well GPs are using social prescribing, what is getting in the way and how we can improve this, to enable GPs to better connect people with community services available in the area.
  • Social isolation: A research based project looking at the nature, triggers and impacts of social isolation on health and wellbeing and how these can be minimised or mitigated. We don’t fully understand the scale of social isolation in Mid-Hampshire and how this varies in different areas with different social groups. This project will enable us to begin to tackle social isolation and the health and wellbeing problems it can contribute to.


The case studies and reports will be available to all Mid Hampshire GP Practices by March 2017. Our aim is to use what we learn from this to improve our services and help more people access the right support, at the right time and place.